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  • user: alexus
  • FSF: member #7535
  • my languages: eng, ita, srd
  • Timezone: [UTC]+1 ([CET]) [Summer ([DST]): [UTC]+2 ([CEST])]
  • to contact me:
    • mail: alexus + member - fsf - org (eliminate spaces, replace '+' with '@' and '-' with '.')
    • irc: alexus on irc://
  • my system:
    • distro: Devuan GNU+Linux (section main only)
      Devuan is a fork of Debian without systemd avoiding unnecessary entanglements and ensuring Init Freedom
    • wm: LXDE

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Swpat-logo-small.png This user is interested in contributing to End Software Patents.
Button-dbd.png This user is interested in contributing to Defective by Design.
ODF-logo-small.png This user supports the Open Document Format.

Linuxlibre.png Member of the Linux-libre group.
Button-Icecat.png This user is browsing the web using GNU IceCat.

Button-gnuhead.png This user knows that GNU's Not Unix.