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A Little Bit About Me

My name is Roger Prather, and I'm relatively new to the free software movement. Although I grew up as the modern digital age came to be, I never really had the resources to learn all I wanted to about computers. Even though I had a computer at home since my sophomore year in high school, I didn't have any way to get at the knowledge I needed. I didn't know anything about the internet until entering college in 1997.

Fast forward and now, thanks to a full-time job with a degree in a non-tech field, I have the resources, desire, and motivation to learn.

I'm currently studying software engineering through distance/independent methods, and hope to pursue an independent/freelance career in software and web development.

Current Projects

My skills are still limited because I'm still learning many of the basics of software development, but nonetheless, I have ambitious plans to pursue a number of project ideas.

How I came to the Free Software Movement

Ideologically and politically, I'm very much a libertarian without any strict devotion to dogma or demigod. This leads me (like so many others) to see the freedom-promoting potential of modern technology. Thus, my involvement in the FSF and related efforts is driven not just by a belief in what free software means, but what software in general can do for freedom.



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