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Username Arkfsf
Full name Jonathan
Tasks Completed
City Pereira
State Risaralda
Country Colombia
Age 22
Freenode Username
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Why I prefer Free Software In my first experience with computers I knew shareware and freeware. Incomplete and bad, those are my words for almost all of them. When I entered the University I knew Free Software (Software Libre), it was so natural for me to share with others, and to get a high quality software with a complete freedom over it, that I liked Free Software a lot
Experience with Free Software I started using GNU/Linux distros since around five years ago. And, as a programmer and computer science student, I love programming with free software, I like Python, C and Lisp (learning). I like emacs, and my distro is Debian. In my university i'm in a programming group and we like developing free software. We started our own project 'Pyragua' a Python IDE written in python, accesible in a Trac instance. I'm in a GLUG named Pulpa.
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I'm a computer science student who likes programming and Free Software. I like a variety of other things, I like tennis (learning), arts, music (alternative rock, classic, heavy).