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Username Caglow
Full name Caglow
Tasks Completed
City Irvine
State California
Country United States
Age 13-18
Freenode Username
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Why I prefer Free Software If you don't want to live under Stalin, then why deal with its virtual equivalent?
Experience with Free Software I started the Caglow project, an effort to bring free software to astronomy, an area where it is lacking. I have contributed to many free projects including Caditor, Aciqra, I and Aciv. I have no idea what the first piece of free software I used would be. It could be Dev-C++ or Code::Blocks. Maybe it was Cygwin or Notepad++. I'm using GNU IceCat right now in gNewSense, a fully free OS and I love it.
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Just an ordinary person that you might find...

I run gNewSense GNU/Linux 2.3 deltah and Windows XP. I hope to try the GNU System sometime. My development evironment is Code::Blocks 8.02, gcc-4.1 (I'm still trying to figure out how to compile...) and gedit. I do not develop platform specific and every project I start from since two years ago are platform-independent.

I developed a free programming language called I a few years back based off of Lua. It's not very popular though that was never my intention. It became very useful and now I can develop more efficiently than anyone I know in terms of high level programming.