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Outreach & Communications Coordinator at Free Software Foundation

GPG key: B102 017C CF69 8F79 423E F9CC 069C 04D2 06A5 9505

Username= Devinu

Name= Devin Ulibarri



IRC= devinu on Freenode

City= Somerville

Country= United States of America

Languages= English, Japanese, French

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Devin's inception into free software began with a simple question: "Why is my computer telling me what to do?" From there, he spent his lunch breaks reading GNU philosophy and the FSF Web site. Soon thereafter, he installed GNU/Linux onto his laptop and the rest is history.

Trained as a musician and educator, who has taught hundreds of people over the years, Devin has contributed to educational free software projects that are used, studied, remixed, and redistributed throughout the world. For pleasure, Devin enjoys studying Japanese, biking, and playing his Kite guitar.