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Welcome to my user page! To leave me a message, click here.

Gaming-controller.png This user is a free software game enthusiast.
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Linuxlibre.png Member of LibrePlanet Artists.

Hello, I'm Dwindsor. I generally do anti-vandalism work around here.

My work on LibrePlanet:

  • Revert vandalism.
  • Delete spam pages.
  • Welcome users.
  • Patrol the recent changes
  • Fix grammar and spelling mistakes on pages
  • Leave warning messages on disruptive users' talk pages (if necessarily).
  • Create occasional important templates (if necessarily).
  • Create occasional categories (if necessarily).

My contributions

  • Click here to look at the all-time contributions that I have made on LibrePlanet.

Contact/email info

Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, enquiries, etc., can be directed to my email or via my talk page.