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Username Eight190
Full name Bob
Tasks Completed
City Tyngsborough
State Massachusetts
Country United States
Age 18
Freenode Username RISCi_ATOM
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Why I prefer Free Software I use free software for many different reasons. The most important reasons on my list are freedom and privacy, Every person on the planet Earth deserves to be free, but few are truly free. Free software grants freedoms in ways most can not imagine. Privacy is also a right everyone deserves. In to days age, privacy has to be worked for in order to truly have privacy. Web services like Facebook and Myspace take individuals privacy away. People need to stop posting info about themselves that can lead to a compromise in privacy. There are many other reasons that I use free software but these are the main reasons.
Experience with Free Software I have been using GNU/Linux for 6 years now. The first GNU/Linux distro that I used was RedHat Linux 8.0. The computer that I installed it on was an Etower 400 with a 300Mhz Intel Celeron Processor and 128 MB of ram. This was my first encounter with free software (mostly free). I had been drifting back and forth between *INDOWS so I could be tech support for my family. As of May of 2008 I am using 97% free software (that 3% includes firmware and the occasional *indows box that I have to fix out of kindness). Ever since I have heard about free software, I was intrigued about the idea of making software work the way that I wanted it to without any restrictions. Before I had heard about free software, I had learned BASICA and a very small amount of C, but free software inspired me to learn more about what programming languages I pick up (have learned BASICA,C/C++ and currently learning python).
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Invited by Max Shinn

I am just a software developer and active Free Software Foundation Member #8115. I write some small C/C++ applications in my free time and currently look at Operating System development. I have always been fascinated by how computers actually work and how people use them. I am trying to make some contributions to the libreWRT project and I hope to help GNU generation. One challenge that I have had with trying to get younger generations to use free software is the fact that they do not seem to care about core issues that affect them in today's world. I would like to contribute code to some of the projects here and hope to learn new ways of getting younger generations to use free software.