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Username Flashuni
Full name Ryan
Tasks Completed
City Davis
State California
Country United States of America
Age 14
Freenode Username flashuni
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Why I prefer Free Software I use free software for the active community that is much more often than not behind it. This makes it incredibly easy to fix a problem with a program, and also offers a very expansive learning experience(The thing that I love most about free software). I also love how I can see how a program operates so I can in turn perfect my code by seeing best practices. In short it helps me solve problems much quicker and easier (and free-er :D).
Experience with Free Software I have been using ubuntu for about 3 years now, and have done many server projects with ubuntu server and am very fond of command line because, well, it just works. I started out with redhat in the very beginning (Thanks Evan if you are reading this!), and from there I started installing gnu/linux operating systems on every computer in the house. I have done a few shell scripts for my dad who is just getting started with gnu/linux to help him automate everyday tasks, and have also worked with gcc and ruby and built myself a awesome web server on my slicehost box.
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I am a 14 year old ubuntu user that has been using gnu/linux for about 4 years now (Lots of ubuntu server -- Command line FTW!). I am currently learning more ruby (ruby on rails) to apply to web development, and the ability to generally hack on projects that use ruby such as metasploit. I am also learning c from Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, so I can learn more about the inner workings of gnu/linux and also bring an early demise to microsoft :). However, I also wish to do something constructive with c and ruby (and I would also love to learn other languages), and is why I have joined the GNU Generation group!