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About me

  • I am Denis Carikli (GNUtoo on the internet).
  • I am currently a co-leader of Libreplanet-it, though if someone could replace me it would be great.
  • I participate or participated in many free software projects which are mostly related to supporting hardware. When doing that sometimes I've to contribute to non-FSDG compliant upstream projects (like Coreboot, Linux, u-boot, etc) or FSDG compliant distributions (Guix, Parabola, Replicant Trisquel). I also sometimes contribute fixes or features to some upstream projects (like fdm, linux-libre, u-boot, etc) to be able to get them in all distributions.
  • I also contribute to documentation through various projects (Free software Directory, H-node, Libreplanet wiki, Parabola wiki, Replicant wiki, Wikidata, Wikipedia, etc).

I try to use only FSDG compliant distributions, so I ended up using Guix, LibreCMC, Parabola, Replicant 6.0, and Trisquel (various versions) at the same time, for different purposes. I also tried Hyperbola and PureOS for testing purposes. Unfortunately I also have to use Debian main until the Replicant bug #1787 is fixed (I'd really like to get rid of Debian main, and I need help for that).

For instance I use Guix for a lot of purposes (as main distribution as the configuration is easy to backup, to deploy environment, to install packages on top of Parabola, etc). For Parabola I use it on a server and my main desktop computer. For Trisquel I use it mainly for building Replicant through libvirt lxc, so I use old Trisquel 7 for Replicant 4.2 and Trisquel 10 for Replicant server and for building Replicant 11. For LibreCMC I use it on a WiFi access point used in install parties.


I mainly contribute to the Group:Hardware and Group:Software pages. I am also interested in having more collaboration accross different FSDG distributions as some of the work needed in one distribution (like deblobbing an upstream project) is often needed in most of the other distributions (often not all of them as not all distribution ship the same packages or have the same policies beside FSDG compliance).

Due to some old registration issues some of my contributions to this wiki were made as GNUtoo2

Work in progress