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About me

  • I am Denis Carikli (GNUtoo on the internet)
  • I am currently a co-leader of libreplanet-it
  • I participate or participated in many free software projects:
    • I founded and still participate to the Replicant project (100% Free android distribution).
    • I ported Coreboot(free software BIOS replacement) to the Asus m4a785t-m
    • I am involved in freeing a feature-phone (the motorolla c155).
    • I was involved in SHR and
    • I was involved in buglabs community
    • I was involved in openembedded(the build system that SHR and buglabs uses)

Due to some old registration issues some of my contributions to this wiki were made as GNUtoo2

Information gathering draft for the Hardware Freedom wiki

This may also be useful for the libreplanet wiki.