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Username Goens
Full name Andrés Goens
Tasks Completed
City Aachen
State Not US
Country Germany
Age 19
Freenode Username goens
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Why I prefer Free Software First and foremost, because I belive in the ideology free software represents (um, that software should be 'libre'). On the other hand, I have grown used to many free software tools that I really miss when forced to work on other plattforms, and believe that a case can also easily be made for free software based on quality alone (leaving the ideology behind).
Experience with Free Software I really started using free sofware (GNU/Linux) around 2004, mostly out of curiosity and as a hobby. Since then I've become a power user and have (almost) stopped using any priopietary software. I have, unfortunately, not been able to contribute a lot to the community, but that is something I wish to change.
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I am a salvadoran student, currently enrolled at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany as both a Physics and a Mathematics student. I am also oficially enrolled in computer science, but I only hear that which I am interested in and as a hobby (weeks are unfortunately limited to 168 hours). I run Gentoo GNU/Linux and am also very fond of the fsf and gnu (proud emacs user here).