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Henry Hardy (Onsite Volunteer)

  • Onsite starting: 2009-08-20 (done) - (todo)

# Henry Hardy ( FSF onsite volunteer 2009-07-20 until ?
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Former senior sysadmin at OLPC--Internet admin since 1988, NIC handle:HEH.

I am interested in helping out wherever needed. System maintainence, infrastructure planning and implementation, system monitoring and security are areas where I could possibly help. I also have a background in writing, radio, and teaching.

It is very special for me to be here, was one of the special magical places I used to visit in the ARPAnet days (along with simtel-20, wsmr, dockmaster, and ncsa)

I have a particular interest in internet history and would love to discuss this with anyone who is interested. Especially those who were there.

We reject: kings, presidents and voting. We believe in: rough consensus and running code.

Dave Clark, former chair, Internet Architecture Board