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icarolongo. Free software user from Ilhéus, Brazil. Trisquel GNU/Linux user since 2010 and sometimes testing GNU/Hurd with Debian and the GNU distro Fedora (from Red Hat) with Linux-libre only because I love GNOME 3 and for try some new technologies from Free Software communities (like Wayland, systemd ...). For now I never tried Parabola, I will do in the future =)

Below you see some interesting links about articles, services, projects, products and companies with free software values:

Registrar and web hosting

  • (France and United States): (the most of TLD)
    • accept Bitcoin ฿
  • Jump Networks (England) (registrar .uk)
    • IPv6 Ready
  • all2all (Belgium): (registrar .be)

Web hosting


  • (France):
    • accept Bitcoin ฿
  • (United States):
    • accept Bitcoin ฿
  • Autistici/Inventati (Italy and servers around the world)
    • IPv6 Ready

Computers and accessories (3D printers, video synthesizer...)

Communication (VoIP, SIP and XMPP) services (without cost)

Free software as service on the web (without cost) IPv6 Ready; live instances