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Username Jdiez
Full name José Manuel Díez
Tasks Completed
City Vitoria
State Álava
Country Spain
Age 14
Freenode Username http://jdiez
Languages spoken ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:English, Spanish, Deutsch, Basque, Klingon|,|x }}
Why I prefer Free Software I love to have full control over the software I run at my box. It is awesome to think about a new feature for my IM application, download the source code, add some modifications and compile it. Really, it's awesome.
Experience with Free Software I'm an ArchLinux enthusiast from Spain. I used to be a Debian-lover until I discovered ArchLinux's magic and all the great halo around its community.
Interests ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:Computers, Free Software, Freedom, Arch Linux, Artifical Intelligence|,|x }}
Friends with ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:outime, adrinavarro, natychan|,|x }}
Invited by microsiervos

I'm cool. Haha, not really, I'm just a Free Software lover and enthusiast from Spain. And I play guitar.