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Founding Documents.png

So that the name 'LibrePlanet' is strongly associated with a clear goal, and so individual groups can cooperate and collaborate effectively, all LibrePlanet participants agree with this set of founding principles:

Mission Statement
Code of Conduct

Add this box to your profile page to indicate you support these documents and agree to work in accordance with LibrePlanet's Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.

Simply add the following line to your user page:

{{Founding Documents}}

Button-gnuhead.png This user knows that GNU's Not Unix.
Button-freerunner.jpg This user uses an OpenMoko FreeRunner
Swpat-logo-small.png This user is interested in contributing to End Software Patents.
Button-dbd.png This user is interested in contributing to Defective by Design.
FSS This user is subscribed to the Free Software Supporter newsletter.

H-node.png Member of the h-node group.

My profile, as part of a test for using Semantic Forms. Feedback welcome.

We might want to use

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To Do

Feel free to help me out with any of these things :)

  • Cleaning up the Perl User Group situation -- move them all to under Group:Perl/, remove the Perl User Group category, and replace it with [[computer language::perl]] property
  • Make template for resource of the month pages to use
  • Use "create pages with form" property to prepopulate Group pages?
  • Improve sidebar menu to include some helpful links -- different group listings for example
  • Make property-based listings or search form for location-based groups
  • Replace Category:Group and Category:Groups with [[is entity::group| ]]
  • Replace Category:Project with appropriate properties, probably [[organized around::software| ]] or "issue" is not in the list (interest, location, project, school) of allowed values for the "Organized around" property.
  • Make profile form field lengths make sense.
  • Add checkbox for agreeing with the LibrePlanet mission.
  • Fix namespace of links created for group names in profile
  • Fix namespace of link created for User in profile
  • Add picture upload to profile form
  • Don't display empty profile fields
  • Just use the factbox display for profile?
  • Make DbD user badge
  • Make PlayOgg user badge
  • Define the SMW properties used in the user profile
  • Define the SMW properties used in the group profile
  • Change the user profile to allow multiple group membership
  • Make a query for groups to automatically list their members
  • Make graphical FreeRunner user badge
  • Make graphical writer badge
  • Make graphical GNU contributor badge
  • Make graphical GNU maintainer badge
  • Fix copyright footer -- assignment text and GFDL 1.3
  • Privacy policy link
  • Test out the calendar extension by adding some free software events

Waiting on something