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Username L33tmyst
Full name Harry Rickards
Tasks Completed
City Uckfield
State Sussex
Country United Kingdom
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Freenode Username hrickards
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Why I prefer Free Software I don't believe that huge corporations like MS and Apple should have be able to stop hobbyists (e.g, most of the Free Software community) from being able to create software. I beleive that everything should be open and free, as it would encourage innovation and competition.
Experience with Free Software Was working on a GPL'ed Java project on Sourceforge called drivercc, but all the developers apart from me and another dropped out, and me and the other developer lost contact. Done a couple of hackups, e.g a hackup of PHPWebFTP to display a customised, simpler interface designed for school use. Debian package maintainer for some binary Debian packages of a sourceforge package called devcheckio. Debian package maintainer for a source, lintian --pedantic clean package called tvim. An RFS has been submitted, but as of the time of writing no-one wishes to sponsor it. Debian package maintainer for a popular video editor called lives that has 1000's of downloads. I've created a source, lintian clean with --pedantic package, and have uploaded to m.d.n. The pacakge has been sponsored, and is currently in the NEW status at
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Have been using just Linux for about a year and half, and Free Software for a couple of years before that. Run Debian sid (unstable). Run my own server (Debian lenny) on a VPS from Learning C using the Computer Science video lectures from