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Hello World!

My name is Franz Christopher I am currently a Systems Administrator in an Application Development Company, I am a strong advocate for Free Software here at the company, saving them in many occasions from the headaches that are acquired from from proprietary software and proprietary hardware.

I live in Tijuana Mexico, I am 31 years of age and I have been in computers for 16 years now.

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   * Common Misunderstandings of “Free Software” and “Open Source”

I believe that the current issue with having to define and explain what exactly does it mean by 'free' is not one that can be quickly and easily remedied, however, repetition does leave an impression on people minds, so I don't believe it to be an all together bad thing to have to mark out the difference that is is "Free as in freedom and not as in Free Beer"

   * Powerful, Reliable Software Can Be Bad

This is indeed quite an issue since indeed absolute power can be absolutely bad. We currently live in a society where some societal systems are extremely proficient, however the success of these systems degrades and lowers the value of human lives. But this is a discussion for a different table since it is not a software system (yet) but it is a system nonetheless.


While I can truly appreciate the guidance in providing a list of words to avoid (it certainly has been educational), however, it seems a bit paradoxical that the advocates of freedom are encouraged to refrain from using certain words/phrases.

Is this not censorship?


I strongly believe that CopyRight only hinders the potential that a certain application or software suite can obtain, plus it harbors the all mighty setback of having to re-invent the wheel when the wheel has already been invented, it is far better to improve upon it.

Short responses:

   *  "Linux is awesome for checking email and browsing the web." 

The Linux kernel does provide a good platform, a form of base-socket for integrating many free operating systems such as GNU, so to be correct you can state that GNU/Linux is awesome for checking email and browsing the web, and many, many more applications. Your imaginations is truly the limit.

   * "But make no mistake, if the real version 2 of the European Interoperability Framework is anything like the one discussed above, with its pathetically devalued definition of openness, and its espousal of the risible “openness continuum”, it will represent a huge setback for the use of free software in Europe, and a major boost for closed-source software producers and the patents they all-too often claim there - even though software cannot be patented “as such” in Europe."

And the real issue is that they are pushing it as open but it does seem that it is open only to a certain degree, their usage of openness hinders on the use of free software and it provides a very narrow and closed philosophy for working stating that (in so many words) openness is a way of having people debug your code for free in exchange for nothing. This does not seem very ethical.

   * "When combined with the other chapters that include statutory damages, search and seizure powers for border guards, anti-camcording rules, and mandatory disclosure of personal information requirements, it is clear that there is no bigger intellectual property issue today than the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement being negotiated behind closed doors this week in Korea." 

I think the real issue is indeed "Intellectual Property" itself, the reason why they are having such a hard time is that the very idea that ideas are tangible pieces of property is very far fetched, and thus they fight over something that is intangible. This ACTA is just another way for greedy corporations and lawyers to make money and get the power they need to circumvent certain freedoms in the name of "Defending Intellectual Property"

Closing comment:

Can I build some condos on this intellectual property? And if so. Can I charge intellectual rent on said property?