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Username MMS
Full name Mohammad Moradi Shahmiri
Tasks Completed
City Tehran
State Tehran
Country Iran
Age 13
Freenode Username
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Why I prefer Free Software Because it usually has less bugs (because of the number of programmers that work on it), It's also usually better supported by users, and as the most important part, Every one is allowed to improve it, even my self!

When both my Windows XP and Windows Vista Computers couldn't boot (except in safe mode) because of a virus, I believed that the problems can be solved easier when programmers come together they can solve problems better. I think that Windows is popular today because it was popular yesterday, Because people don't know there are other better options.

Experience with Free Software I'm an almost new user to ubuntu, I use from jaunty, but I know about GNU and FSF's philosopies.
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I'm a 13 years old teenager from Iran's capital (Tehran), I work with Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu Jaunty, I like programming and I know VB and and a bit of Pascal, and for programming on linux I'm learning C and Lua.