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«  The more people resist, the more people will be Free, and the more people will be free to be Free. For your own good, and in solidarity to all, choose freedom. Be Free!  »

« With free software, we can at least control what software does in our own computers. »

« The free software movement is one of the most successful social movements to emerge in the past 25 years, driven by a worldwide community of ethical programmers dedicated to the cause of freedom and sharing. But the ultimate success of the free software movement depends upon teaching our friends, neighbors and work colleagues about the danger of not having software freedom, about the danger of a society losing control over its computing. »

« Join us now and share the software; You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free. Hoarders can get piles of money, That is true, hackers, that is true. But they cannot help their neighbors; That's not good, hackers, that's not good. When we have enough free software At our call, hackers, at our call, We'll kick out those dirty licenses Ever more, hackers, ever more. Join us now and share the software;You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free. »

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GNU operating system + Linux-libre kernel = 100% Freedom


GNU playing flute to free Lux