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Founding Documents

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So that the name 'LibrePlanet' is strongly associated with a clear goal, and so individual groups can cooperate and collaborate effectively, all LibrePlanet participants agree with this set of founding principles:

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Fabián Rodríguez

Contact information

  • Jabber / XMPP: - please use an OTR-enabled client. Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by providing encryption, authentication, deniability and perfect forward secrecy.

If you are on a diaspora* pod or if you use you can find me here:

I also share my bookmarks here: (semantic bookmark aggregator)

Projects I contribute to

About me

FSF member #3877 since 2005

I am a full-time consultant, mostly doing IT freedom/autonomy advocacy & coaching (software , hardware, formats, licenses) in and around Montreal, QC, Canada, focusing on systems administration, training, security and migration from non-free IT. I am always open to any full-time positions or opportunities, specially if they involve using or promoting free technologies. My full contact information is available on my personal site.

I am interested in free technologies advocacy (including formats, content, licensing) & training for new users, with an emphasis on security. I am fluent in English, French and Spanish.

See my LinkedIn profile for more information. I also microblog on Diaspora and occasionally blog on my website.

Although there is no local FSF chapter in Quebec province or in Canada, FACIL is probably the closest thing we have. I volunteer my time and participate in both organizations (FSF and FACIL). I am the president of FACIL since June 2013.

The Free Technology Definition

I have adapted the Free Software Definition principles to apply them broadly in technology usage:

  • The freedom to use the technology, for any purpose (freedom 0).
  • The freedom to study how any given technology works, and adapt it to your needs (freedom 1). Access to the source code, schematics, plans or creation / manufacturing instructions are a precondition for this.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).
  • The freedom to improve a technology, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits (freedom 3). Access to the source code, schematics, plans or creation / manufacturing instructions are a precondition for this.

At the FSF

  • As an associate member since 2005, I closely follow FSF activities and try to help in any local events. The last one was Software Freedom Day 2011 where I started coordinating Canadian teams and organized conferences, an install-fest and other activities in Montreal.
  • I volunteer my time in translation and wiki content maintenance. The first document that caught my attention was the GPLv2 license, which was missing a paragraph in French. Lately I contributed to FDroid, part of the Replicant project for Android devices.
  • Within the High Priority projects I contribute by testing and using Trisquel. As a former Ubuntu Systems senior support analyst at Canonical for 4 years I try to document my findings, share best practices and help other users transition to Trisquel or use Ubuntu with as much free software as possible, targeting 100% :)
  • Every year I help organize and participate in local activities - our hub for such local events is the Agenda du Libre
  • I have a keen interest in free, open media formats, which makes my advocacy work often intersect with the PlayOgg and Defective by Design campaigns. I use regularly to illustrate transcoding and hosting media formats and often bring attention of local media to the problems introduced when using Flash only. I currently coordinate a campaign to get Radio-Canada to use free formats on their web site.


  • I am a founding member since 2003 and President since June 2013
  • I am a regular contributor to the blog and media archives of local interviews/news reports
  • I participate in the Forum mailing list and volunteer at different activism events
  • I actively network with other organizations.


Home networking

  • Linksys WRTGS2 router with DD-WRT
  • Printing: HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One Printer, a bit pricey for the model with scan-to-email and duplex features, but worth every penny. 100% supported and work out of the box in GNU/Linux with HPLIP.
  • Storage:
    • DNS-323 NAS (2x500GB), using the Alt-F alternative free firmware, I use NFS R/W mounts (for data) and Samba RO mounts (for media), everything worked out of the box but required some exploration for admin tasks
    • DNS-323 NAS (2x2TB) using Debian 6 - NFS file server also acting as a local packages proxy using apt-cacher-ng
  • Two Silicon Dust HD Homerun network tuners: these provide 4 network continuous streams from off-the-air (OTA) HD TV signals, allowing me to watch & record most TV programs I want. I wrote an article providing some background and details about my free software PVR project.
  • Bicycle: A BionX - equipped bicycle is my daily ride. Ok, this does not run Gnu/Linux but is very hackable. :) As an early adopter I had my share of problems mostly due to my infinite ignorance combined with the incompetence and terrible customer service of local dealers.

Phones / Tablets / other

  • Google Nexus 7 tablet running Cyanogen's ROM based on Android, without any Google applications (only free software applications from F-Droid)
  • Nook Color Android 7" tablet running the latest Cyanogen's ROM based on Android, without any Google applications (only free software applications from F-Droid)
  • HTC Wildfire S and HTC Panache (AWS phone, aka HTC myTouch 4G) both running Cyanogen's ROM based on Android, using the F-Droid repository of freely licensed apps in addition to some Google apps.

Retired / repairing

  • Neuros OSD open, embedded media center
  • Asus WL-500W 802.11n Multi-Functional Wireless Router, undergoing unbricking
  • Google Nexus One
  • [N810] Internet tablet - I need to buy a new battery and install Android on this thing
  • Samsung N120 netbook (home system), with Trisquel 5.5 (deffective LCD)
  • Chumby, a Gnu/Linux-based multi-media hardware player. Used mostly to show pictures, jokes and remaining days until important dates.

Presentations / Events

These are some examples of past presentations and speaking engagements, workshops and other events participation. I am open to present on related subjects in FLOSS or non-FLOSS events. My presentation material is licensed under the Free Documentation license or some variant of Creative Commons licenses, accordingly.

  • May 2014-ongoing: "How to control your family PC without spending too much time or money" - Local PC shop workshops (Montreal, Quebec)
  • May 2014: "Bitcoin, mythes et réalités" presentation (Club Atomic, Montreal)
  • February 2014: "Hacker, un métier ? Hackers white hat vs Hackers black hat" - Elementary school talk (Montreal, Quebec)
  • September 2013-March 2014 - Bitcoin workshops (French & English) - Bitcoin Embassy:
    • Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin, security and privacy best practices, basic wallet setup, bitcoin use cases
    • Bitcoin 102: Desktop and mobile wallet security, 2FA, encrypted disk/containers, dark-wallets
    • How to get donations in Bitcoin? A technical + accounting workshop introducing online donations for web content producers and NPOs
  • July 2013 - Attended "Troubleshooting WordPress" (special workshop @ WordCamp Montreal)
  • June 2013 - WordCamp 2013 -Micro sponsor (Le Goût du Libre)
  • June 2013 - FACiL presentation (Club Atomic, Montreal)
  • May 2013 - OpenStreetMap workshop at Caravan Coop - presenter, workshop helper (Montreal)
  • May 2013 - Debian 7 release party, Debian 7 presentations (Montreal)
  • April 2013 - Debian 7 presentation (Club Atomic, Montreal)
  • April 2013 - Introduction to web content management (private customer)
  • March 2013 - OpenStreetMap workshop (Caravan, Montreal)
  • July/August 2012 - James M. Stine College (St-Marc, Haiti) - Computer room setup, help desk implementation (OCS Inventory/GLPI), free software training & workshops
  • June 2012 - Accessibility Day (Montreal, Canada) - OpenStreetMap participant, observer for on-site survey and possible OSM proposal for extended accessibility attributes
  • Apr. 2012 - LibreOffice workshop for a local NPO (Montreal, Canada) - including presentation notes, branded DVD
  • Mar. 2012 - LibrePlanet (Boston, USA) - organizer for 5 people to represent LibrePlanet QC at this annual, international event
  • Oct. 2011 - LibrePlanet Québec kickoff meeting
  • Oct. 2011 - Occupy Montreal, Montreal - on site advocacy and FLOSS demonstrations, advocacy material donations
  • Sept. 2011 - Software Freedom Day 2011 - Canadian coordinator, Montreal events organizer, speaker. Round tables, conferences, and workshops
  • Jul. 2011 - Fin de semaine du Logiciel Libre 2011, Centre Culturel Simón Bolívar, Montreal - audience participation, InstallFest organizer (2 days)
  • Apr. 2011 - Centre St-François d'Assise, Grand Goâve, Haïti, "Les logiciels libres et GNU/Linux, une alternative durable"
  • Oct. 2010 - Mile-End Library, Montreal: "Getting started with GNU/Linux and FLOSS", offered monthly starting Jan 2011
  • May 2010 - Libuntu, 2-day advocacy event at SupInfo: "FACIL and FLOSS in Quebec", "Why is it important to know about Ubuntu ?"
  • Oct. 2008 - [ Why is Ubuntu important for you ?] (16MB), delivered at BarCamp Delhi
  • Ubuntu Developers Summit: Montreal (6.06 LTS, 2005), Seville (7.10, 2007), Texas (10.04 LTS, 2009), Orlando (11.04, 2010)
  • Ubucon
    • 2008 - San Francisco - Speaker: "Discovering the Ubuntu Desktop"
    • 2008 - San Salvador - Speaker: "Ubuntu: En pro o en contra del software libre", taller de práctica
    • 2008 - Guatemala - Speaker: "El ecosistema Ubuntu: comunidades, empresas, Canonical "
    • 2007 - New York (Google HQ) - Speaker: "The Ubuntu support ecosystem"
    • 2007 - Seville
  • 2008 - Linux World Expo – Ubuntu desktop and Landscape presentations
  • Sept. 2007 - Cultures Libres, innovations en réseau, UQAM - "L'écosystème de soutien technique Ubuntu: réussites, expériences" (speaker)
  • « Myths and truths of securing a software development environment », presentation at PHPConf 2006
  • Summer 2006, « Securing email communications: a challenge everyone can take – and win», Accès Libre magazine
  • 2004, Semaine Québécoise de l'Informatique Libre, « Improving security on your computer desktop with Mozilla »
  • Oct. 2006 - 33e Congrès annuel et colloque de l'ASTED, "Appropriation des Technologies Émergentes: nouveaux contenus, nouveaux services" (speaker)
  • Apr. 2006 – Linux Expo Toronto (sales engineering support for Savoir Faire Linux)
  • Apr. 2006 – ARIN XVII – American Internet Registry annual meeting (for ISOC Québec)
  • Mar. 2006 – Forum Internet Participatif Internet Society Québec (speaker)
  • Nov. 2005 – Ubuntu Below Zero, Ubuntu developpers conference
  • 2005, 2006 - PHPConf : "PHP: Pretty Hot Programming: Tips & Tricks to keep coding securely" (speaker)
  • Mar. 2005 - Forum ISOC Quebec sur l'Internet participatif - "Les outils de l'Internet participatif: Un petit tour d'horizon" (speaker)
  • Oct. 2004 – GTEC 2004, largest canadian hi-tech expo for governement and their suppliers (Ottawa)
  • Oct. 2004 – Conference day: « eGovernment: community groups and minorities problematics » (Montréal)
  • Sept. 2004 – Semaine Québécoise de l'Informatique Libre « Improving security on your computer desktop with Mozilla » (workshop speaker)
  • Aug. 2004 – Conference: “Profession: Entrepreneur; colombian entrepreneurs success stories in Quebec” (organizer)
  • Jun. 2004 – First eGovernment Seminar (Québec, QC)
  • Jun. 2004 - Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal (CRIM) / Linux Québec – Conference: « Residential VoIP »
  • 2003 – Conference: « Constellation W3 » - provincial hi-tech « Think Tank »
  • Dec. 2003 - Conference « Digital security: It's (no) kid's play » (speaker)
  • Oct. 2003 – Provincial Free Software Conference
  • May 2003 – CRIM / Linux-Québec – Conference « La sécurité (n'est pas) un jeu d'enfants » (speaker)
  • Mar. 2003 – U. Del Valle, ICESI, ACUC, etc. (Colombia) – Training and conferences on security and cryptography
  • 2002 – Mercado Multimedia de las Américas, Montreal QC (business development)
  • 2001 – eCommerce Gala (finalist, “Security” catégory)
  • 2001 – Linux Expo Toronto - « Microsoft ASP applications under GNU/Linux » (speaker)
  • 2001 – Provincial OCTAS programming contest (evluation committee)
  • 2000 – ISP Con Toronto, Linux Expo Montreal - « Microsoft ASP applications under GNU/Linux » (speaker)
  • 1998 – Provincial OCTAS programming contest (finalist)
  • 1996 – iNet '96 – « Creating an Internet Presence - Student's extra-curricular IT activities » (speaker)
  • 1995 – GTEC 2004, largest canadian hi-tech expo for governement and their suppliers (Ottawa)
  • 1986 – CompuExpo (Bogota, Colombia) speaker, invited by Radio Shack Colombia
  • 1985 – Microsistemas conference (Cali, Colombia) at age 13 , speaker invited by Apple Cali, Colombia