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Freedom Protection Tools

I will not be able to attend LibrePlanet 2010, but were I able to, I would try to get feedback from software developers on this project:

1. To copyright used by business corporations and individuals in order to limit the four freedoms of computer users, some clever and imaginative people opposed what was termed "copyleft", which secures these same freedoms by a different use of the very same legal means.

2. To enforce their liberticidal policy against computer users's very natural tendency to share, proprietary software editors use what they call Software Protection tools (licence verification, copy obstruction, etc.).

Proposal: in response to this practice, I believe it is time for the free software movement to develop Software Protection tools of its own so as to help secure the respect of our freedoms in all situations when we use computer software, wherever the copy of it may be located on Earth or in space.

One of these Software Protection, or rather Freedom Protection tool could be a licensing verification tool designed to assist computer users in identifying online services that they can safely rely on, as being based solely on software licenced as free software.

For more details on this idea, please read: A possible way to promote 100 percent free software online services?

Ethical consumption

I wrote a series of three articles on the subject of Ethical Consumption and Free Software.