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Username Maurob
Full name Mauro
Tasks Completed
City Bernal
Country Argentina
Age 18
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Why I prefer Free Software I think that Software Libre will make the humanity to evolve one step foward. Mainly, because with it, no one will be the owner of software information (a code for example). And I think this is a very important point, because if people is informed and educated, they are more capable of knowing what is good and what is bad not only for himself, but for the hole humanity. Unfortunatly, there's a lack of information in our today's society.

Anyway, I would resume this with "Knowledge for everybody". That's the aim.

Experience with Free Software Ubuntu user.
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I'm planning to contribute to the "GNU Generation" project untill next year, when I'll be 19 and a bit "old" for this project (wich I think will be a shame because I think is a great idea). Meanwhile, I'll contribute with some designs made in Inkscape, wich is something I know how to use.