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Username Maxshinn
Full name Max Shinn
Tasks Completed
City Chaska
State Minnesota
Country United States of America
Age 17
Freenode Username trombonechamp
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Why I prefer Free Software I use Free Software because it gives users the freedom to do what they want with it. I only consider Free Software contributions to be technological advancements, because they are the only ones that can be improved upon and freely used. The only way to advance society is to use the synergistic approach that Free Software masters. I don't want corporations to control my life, or the lives of others. People deserve more than that.
Experience with Free Software I started using Free Software in 8th grade, and haven't looked back since. I have written some Free Software applications in PHP, my language of choice. I joined the Joomla! documentation team sometime last year, and served as the editor for the Joomla! 1.5 help screens. About a year ago, I started a blog to use more as a self publishing platform than a traditional blog. ( Now, I am working as an intern for the FSF.
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I am coordinating GNU Generation as my internship project for the FSF. If there are any major flaws or problems, I would be the person to yell at! :] I am currently going into my junior year of high school.