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Christian Fernandez also known as ReK2WiLdS or ReK2 from the 1994 Spanish hacking group BBKhas been involved with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) since the early days in 1997. He is a co-creator of Binary Freedom, a digital rights advocate group which operated between 2004 and 2009.
He has collaborated with organizations like the FSF and EFF, among others, in the pursuit of freedom, liberty and privacy in cyberspace.

Christian Fernandez has a wide range of skills from Software Programmer, Systems Architect, Network Engineer to Cyber Security Specialists and ethical hacker. He participated in the gNewSense GNU/Linux project, porting the KDE desktop and naming it kgNewSense. He's also participated in and orchestrated lectures which include LinuxWorld Boston and an Ethical Hacker Workshop in a popular Barcelona maker/hacker lab.

Christian Fernandez was born in Barcelona, Spain, grow up in Alicante, also Spain. At the age of 28 he transferred himself to the US, and has live in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.

Christian Fernandez, enjoys world football(soccer), MMO pvp games, Electronic Industrial music, Spanish Punk Rock and Spanish pop/rock, he is very much since young age into social justice activism, digital rights and privacy. He was a bboy(Break Dancer) back in the 90's also was an active graffiti artists in Spain.