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I am a sixteen-year-old little boy, living in Sweden and my biggest passion so far is computers and free software.

I am using Linux (not the free gNewSense, but the almost-free Ubuntu) and I am trying to convince my fellow beings that free software should be used whenever possible. I know PHP pretty well and I have made some simple programs in C++, but nothing advanced, so far (and the last time I used it was approximately three ages ago). As you probably have noticed already, English is not my native language, but I do understand it well, even if my sentences seem to come from a little child. =)

I want to help as much as I can in the free-software culture, but right now I am a lot in school and I can't promise anything. However, if you need someone to translate to Swedish or need someone to first learn a new language (I have done some small programs in a big variation of lagnuages, so I can pick up a new syntax pretty fast ^^) and after that program some part of a program, I am your man! However, I can promise you that I will not do anything in assembler or C, I don't want to write a thousand lines which will do almost nothing when you can write the same with two lines in another language.

My goal is to have written a small PHP-framework (yes, as if we would need another one..) before I finish my third and last year in secondary upper high-school. (The Swedish school system doesn't match the English words very well..) =D If I will finish, I will probably license it under the LGPL, so people can use it even if they write propra.. ..proprieat.. ... ..evil code. Maybe I will write some addons licensed better, but I really don't know. =)

I try to hang out in the IRC-channel, but my computer is broken right now, so I can't be there 24/7. If I am there I will probably use the nick "DrPhil", but I still havn't figured out if someone has already registred that nick or if I am plain stupid.

Have a good time, Simon

About me

Name: Simon Johansson
Nickname: Dr Phil
Age: Born in 1993
Country: Sweden
(Spoken) Languages: Swedish, English
E-mail adress: simon [supercow-"a"] forintens [dot] se

OS: GNU/Linux Ubuntu
(Programming/Scripting) Languages: PHP, ECMAscript, C++ (and TI-Basic ^^)
Programming goal: To have made a lightweight (read: small and easy to do) PHP framwork, before spring 2012. =)

Wants to do:

  • Travel to Japan.
  • Getting involved in a free software project. (*cough*HINT!!*cough*)
  • Understand why the filesystem in *nix systems looks like it does.
  • Complete school with great grades.
  • Re-learn C++, and try to see how a bigger program written in C looks like.