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Username Teddks
Full name Ted Smith
Tasks Completed
City Washington, DC
State Washington, DC
Country United States of America
Age 18
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Why I prefer Free Software As the world moves into the 21st century and becomes increasingly "digitized" and integrated with computing technology, it is essential that the values of freedom and consent Western post-Enlightenment society is supposedly based on remain intact and relevant. The only way for an individual to remain free in a computerized world is to have control over their computing technology, and the only way to ensure that is by using free software.
Experience with Free Software Since the 10th grade, I have used exclusively free operating systems. My laptop runs Ubuntu. My personal servers run Gentoo, with a home-made ebuild overlay which allows me to use linux-libre. I have played with various other distributions of GNU/Linux and GNU/HURD, but these two configurations remain the most stable.

I try to make advocacy a part of life that doesn't push and pop to the front for special events, but rather an ongoing and constant struggle. While this makes me very annoying to talk to if you are resolutely against free software, it makes me a rather efficient advocate to people I know well. Most of my friends and family, thanks first to the supremacy of the free software community, but to some part my advocacy, use free software operating systems.

I can program in the C, Java, and Perl programming languages well, and have written free software in all of them (with quite modest means of distribution, however). The largest free software project I have contributed to is Ginseng, the University of Maryland's free software framework for dynamic updating in C.

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I am a student in the Washington, DC area. I am interested in digital freedom and believe in the full right of self-determination in individuals. I have a busy schedule between my work and school commitments, but I try to be available for free software related advocacy events in the DC area.

I have interned at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland, where I worked with Dr. Mark Maloof and Drs. Michael Hicks and Jeff Foster, respectively, on projects related to machine learning and dynamic software updating, respectively. Like other researchers in the machine learning community, I too believe that not enough work in our community has a strong base in the free software ethos. At UMD, I work on Ginseng, a free software framework for dynamically updating C programs.

I'm proficient in the C, Java, and Perl programming languages. I know some Scheme, Elisp, and OCaml, but not enough to be confident contributing to large projects with them -- yet.

The GNU Generation push came regrettably late for me -- I'm planning on entering college in the fall, and while I'll be active in the (G)LUG there, I wouldn't feel right appropriating resources that should rightly go to the youth. If the FSF had announced its internship program a year earlier, maybe GNU Generation would have started in time for me to have made the GNU Users Group I started at my high school stronger and more influential. As it happened, we were not too shabby and managed to expand the catalog of free software our school ran, including OpenOffice in time for Document Freedom Day. Hopefully, the skills I acquired and lessons I learned can be useful for another high school student.