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So that the name 'LibrePlanet' is strongly associated with a clear goal, and so individual groups can cooperate and collaborate effectively, all LibrePlanet participants agree with this set of founding principles:

Mission Statement
Code of Conduct

Add this box to your profile page to indicate you support these documents and agree to work in accordance with LibrePlanet's Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.

Simply add the following line to your user page:

{{Founding Documents}}

Username threethirty
Full name Justin O'Brien
IRC threethirty
Groups FSF/Community Team
Spoken languages English
Programming languages
City Richmond
State Indiana
Country USA

I'm an Associate Member of the FSF, member of the EFF, and Member 0 of NumberedHumanIndustries a Free Software & Free Culture think-tank. I'm also the host of the LinuxCranks Oggcast (the brand GNU show), a blogger, a contributor to the podcasts the Linux Link Tech Show, Hacker Public Radio, and TiT (TiT isn't TWiT) Radio.