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Thomas Harding

  • Country: France
  • Job: sysadmin / now act as teacher
  • former job : radio maintenance
  • schooling: Microtechnology
  • capabilities: cabinetmaking, technical translation en -> fr

Using Linux since 1997.

  • First Distro: Kheops 3.3
  • many ones (from RedHat 5.2fr to Slackware)
  • Debian Gnu/Linux user since Potato

GPL authoring : thery little things I has been permished to publish -- spaghetti code, such as PHP::PRINT::IPP, PHP code128 barcode, Few contribution to phpldapadmin

Known translations: Dia manual (now obsolete, but didn't updated)

Languages : SQL, PL/pgSQL, sh/posix, bash, php5, python2/3, few Perl and C hacks where needed.

preferred languages : python2, SQL


Spoken languages: French. Having a few English capabilities.