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Username Xinyh
Full name Zinc Sulfide
Tasks Completed
City Beiping (Peking)
State Beiping
Country Mainland of the Greater Republic of China
Age 16.5
Freenode Username ZincSulfide
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Why I prefer Free Software Free software are great, whether in security, privacy protection,ease-of-use, functionality, or reliability. It can be trusted, because you can check the sources to ensure no backdoor or vulnerability in the software; as of proprietary software, especially which are developed by big companies in PRC, I doubt in their security and hate their ads.
Experience with Free Software GNU/Linux and GNU/Linux-libre user.

Started using GNU/Linux since Febrary 2008 with Ubuntu 7.10, and tried many distros, such as Fedora, Debian, Archlinux, Gentoo. Started using full-free distros since 2012. Now I'm using Parabola mainly, and sometimes switch to Ubuntu or Trisquel.

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I am a middle school student, and interested in programming and computer sciences. I can write simple code in several scripting languages, such as Python and Javascript, but I haven't any experience in real world programming.