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Executive Director at the Free Software Foundation.

Zoe Kooyman: Executive Director at FSF. | GPG: B102 017C CF69 8F79 423E F9CC 069C 04D2 06A5 9505 |

Username= Zoe

Name= Zoe Kooyman



IRC= zoe1 on Freenode

City= Basel

Country= Switzerland

Languages= English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese

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If you want to type her proper name Zoë with the 2 dots (, the main ways are compose-key e ", or compose-key " e, or just copy/paste. To type the compose-key, see or you can use xmodmap: In X, compose is called Multi_key. You can do something like "keysym Alt_R = Multi_key" in .Xmodmap and then xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap. In emacs, you can do C-x 8 " e.