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A word processor to help elementary school students write


Date added 02 February 2013
Type translation, coding, education
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WriteType is a word processor to help elementary students write. It is used in many elementary schools around the world to help students have an easier time putting their thoughts down on paper.

WriteType is looking for anyone who would like to help. Some things that would help us out greatly would be:

- Talking to teachers at nearby elementary schools about it and teaching them how to use it.

- Translating WriteType into your native language

- Packaging WriteType for *BSD or OSX

- Programming (If you're interested in helping with the programming, you should have some experience with writing GUI applications in Python. You can contact me directly if you're interested and we'll figure out a more specific project based on your interests and strengths.)

How to get started

See http://writetype.bernsteinforpresident.com for more information about WriteType in general. You can also contact Max (admin{aht}bernsteinforpresident{doht}com) if you'd like to get involved.

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