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yocto-reader back end

Yocto-reader (site is down) is an excellent front-end, AGPLv3'd application designed for users to read, mark, remember and forward RSS feed entries via the Cloud. The front-end is basically complete and functional, but the back-end of the application is currently merely a mock-up.

We need a back end for the application. The back-end would likely run as a separate server process, likely with a REST API, and integrate with the front-end to make yocoto-reader a fully functioning application.

bkuhn suggests that the student write the server in Python using Twisted, using a test-driven development model.

Mariuz: the original hg repository is down i have cloned in git and implement it with node.js and Firebird database

If you want to learn more about yocto-reader, they can look at its homepage (site is down), try out the front-end demo, download the source they can look clone the Git repository or the grab it from Debian.