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There is no Check for Updates button on the Help/About IceCat menu

This bug has been submitted.

IceCat releases are available from the GNUzilla homepage.

New release announcements are posted to the bug-GNUzilla mailing list and to the GNUzilla Savannah Main page.

If you want to be notified when an IceCat update is available, consider subscribing to the bug-GNUzilla mailing list or to the GNUzilla Savannah Atom News feed.

Add-ons built-in to IceCat don't update automatically or when manually checking for updates

There is a bug where Add-ons built-in to IceCat fail to locate updates normally. Open about:addons and use the "More" button on the Add-on in question. Follow the homepage link to find updated versions of the Add-on.

Once updated in this manner, the Add-on should correctly receive further updates automatically and on manual update checks.

Note: This can sometimes cause a 2nd instance of the Add-on in question to appear in about:addons. Simply disable the out-of-date built-in version. The updated version will function normally.

Spellcheck Dictionaries fail to install from

There is currently an issue where one-click installations of spellcheck dictionaries fail to install.

The current work-around is to download the dictionary .xpi manually, and extract it using an archiving tool.

To do so:

Manually download the dictionary .xpi of your choice. (Choose a mirror from, click the dictionaries folder, and then "save link as" the .xpi of your choice.)

Extract the contents of the .xpi.

Move the extracted .aff and .dlc files to the icecat/dictionaries directory.

The IceCat spellcheck context menu should now offer the new language.

Old IceCat versions

IceCat does not work on Windows

There is a bug with hardware acceleration that causes IceCat to crash when run. The work-around for this issue is to disable the hardware acceleration options of IceCat.

Note: The work-around is now applied by default in IceCat 38.6.0


We need to open Command Prompt. (The basic system search can find it as either command prompt, or cmd.exe)

Now to path to where IceCat is extracted. Type cd place\icecat\is\extracted\ (Example, cd Users\username\Downloads\icecat\)

Type icecat --safe-mode

Select run in safe mode

Enter about:config into the address bar

Search for gfx.direct2d.disabled

Set it to true

IceCat should now no longer crash on run.