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About us

Planet-Libre is a group of French-speaking volunteers aiming to promote and further the ideals of Free Software. We essentially are a community of bloggers concerned with software Freedom, digital rights and related issues. Our main structure, tool and presence on the Web is in the form of a "planet" aggregator, that gives our blogs and articles more visibility and prominence by gathering them in a single place.

Whilst this group is working towards a free society through Free Software, we do not see ourselves as a mere GNU+Linux User Group (we may promote any software that respects its users' freedom). Our primary goal is to just "be there", and to educate people around us to the meaning of Free Culture and Free Software. We are convinced that proprietary software creates more issues than it solves (if any), and we believe that anything we want to do can be achieved just as well using Free Software only.


  • Educate
    • Inform the general public about Free Software
  • Advocate
    • Promote Free Software tools through various projects
  • Unite
    • Give Free Software activists and users a chance to connect

Join us

To become a member of the Planet-Libre, please


  • No current schedule for meetings.


  • Suggest some!


You may reach the team by emailing its discussion list:



"theme" is not in the list (interest, location, project, school) of allowed values for the "Organized around" property.

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Note Planet-Libre is a web community around the software freedom and the free culture
Region Europe
Area french-speaking countries
Available language(s) french
Contact Gregoire de Hemptinne
Members 0
Current status Active