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Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions for LP2024

Interested in putting together a BoF? Other plans or ideas for a social event? This is your place to do all that and more!

Birds of a Feather sessions are a time for people to get together around a specific topic or identity, either to focus on conversations, come up with new ideas, or just spend time socializing.

Use the following information to describe your BoF. Anyone can sign up to the event by adding their name to the attendee's list. We encourage you to try by yourself to add your session below, but if you run into any trouble feel free to email and we'll post it on the site and help direct people to your event!








Location TBC

2024 Proposals

Free Software Fun

Theme/Topic Free software games

Organizer(s) Zachary Sarver

Description Let's play and discuss some free software games together! The world of free software has plenty of fun on offer and interesting topics to discuss. We can discuss the topic of originality (or, what are the best games that aren't clones?), how to push free software forward, and the numerous free software engine reimplementations. Bring your favorite device, and maybe we can get in a few games of glDoom or Wesnoth.



Location TBC