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Reference at LinuxLibre log

firmware/dabusb/bitstream.bin.ihex: removed blobs
firmware/Makefile: dropped firmware/dabusb/bitstream.bin
firmware/dabusb/firmware.HEX: removed blobs
firmware/Makefile: dropped firmware/dabusb/firmware.fw
drivers/media/video/dabusb.c: disabled non-Free firmware-loading machinery
drivers/media/video/dabusb.c: removed blobs

What is the purpose of the device?

Digital radio receiver.

Who needs it?

(which computer models use this device or which niche users usually buy such peripherals?)

It was sold by Terratec as a product called "DR Box 1".

How critical it is to get free support for it?

(Is it a very popular device that requires us to prioritize efforts?)

What is(are) the processor architecture(s) of this device?

  • Xilinx SpartanXL FPGA model 10xlvq100
  • intel 8051 processor: AN2131 (EZUSB)

Who is working on a free firmware implementation?

Felipe Sanches <>

svn checkout

Links to online documentation

Where are the non-free firmware images made available?

non-free firmwares and free driver

What makes them non-free?

(describe clearly the specific reasons for it being considered non-free)

  • Firmware source code (8051) and HDL files (for FPGA programming) are not available.

What else do we know about this device?

(any further info that might help the creation of free firmware for it)

At least the binary firmware for the 8051 is released in terms that allow derivative works, so we are legally allowed to disassemble it and derive source code from it.