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Username Habs
Full name Harry
Tasks Completed
City Syosset
State NY
Country USA
Age 14
Email Habstinat(at)gmail.comURIs of the form "Habstinat(at)" are not allowed.
Freenode Username Habstinat
Languages spoken ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:English, basic comprehension in Spanish, very little grammar of Esperanto|,|x }}
Why I prefer Free Software I feel like free software is the solution to what will become one of the biggest technology problems in the next few years.
Experience with Free Software Have been using 100% free distros since 7th grade, but not much in terms of development...
Interests ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x }}
Friends with ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x }}
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