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Username RblPng
Full name Anton Pirogovski
Tasks Completed
City Kiev
State Kiev
Country Ukraine
Age variable undefined
Freenode Username RebelPenguin
Languages spoken ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:English, Russian, Ukrainian, Ruby, bash, Python, have medium knowledge of C.|,|x }}
Why I prefer Free Software Just because whole Free Software community is driven by the volunteers wishing to modify and develop thousands of projects, not by the commercial fees.
Experience with Free Software Was using many Linux distributives, working on many projects.For example, the freedroidRPG project.
Interests ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:Programming, Ruby, system administration, Internet security, Open Source.|,|x }}
Friends with ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x }}
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I'm a male homo sapiens. I'm spreading Linux at my country, and I'm worried about users that use MS Windblows and think they are using excellent software. That was really designed as a GUI for DOS. Just a GUI. Not an operating system. All this in short: Use Linux. Enough said.