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A project to install, mantain (and if neccessary hack some code up for) Slash somewhere. (Slash is the code that runs /.) I could provide a server, but it wouldn't be able to cope if the site got heavy demand. If we need SSL for user login, etc, GoDaddy provide free SSL certificates for open source projects - not sure if this would count or not. Suggestions for a better name are much welcomed. UPDATE: The latest released version of Slash was back in 2002, and it's *really* *really* ugly and clunky. I can't get the version from CVS to install, so I've setup Wordpress insetead. I've hacked together a post page that send's the user's data to a PHP page that then posts it to the blog via the post via email function.

How to get started

I've setting up a basic install at If you want admin permissions or want to help contribute or anything else, either email the list or me <>. It would be great if you could contribute stories, either by signing up on the site, or posting without registering at the Post page.