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You may create, edit, and browse templates here.

Templates are organized into a tree structure. The top-most templates are general purpose and widely useful. The Title template, for example, may be used by any template or page, while the Group/Box template is only used by the group template. The Group template may be used in the main page of all groups.

Menubar templates provide page navigation and impose a predefined structure to related pages, such as threads (e.g. news, faq, mission statements). Menubars also provide a navigational bridge between namespaces, such as projects, help, and articles. Using menubars increases consistency, coherency, and gives a smoother browsing experience.

Other templates remove commonly used markup from editors, allowing them to focus on the content. The goal between simple use and flexibility is not always achievable.

In some cases, it is better not to create a template because it would be too complex or restrictive. This is particularly true for variable sized tables, calendars, member lists, etc. Creating extra parser functions to do the work and encapsulating them in templates may be a better approach.