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2009/07/28 Campaigns Meeting

Present: Peter Brown, John Sullivan, Matt Lee, Holmes Wilson


  • Status review of assignments from Friday.
  • Feedback on having the minutes and agendas on the LP wiki.



Petition update

  • We have a good set of representative signatures -- major librarian, several academics and authors. Waiting to hear from publishers. Will also send out to some lists once we have confirmation from RMS on the specific language.
  • Will stress-test the petition module with Ward to make sure it can handle the traffic.
  • Will reach out to reporters for advance coverage.
  • Will collect quotes from petition signers to use in press release.


  • Drafting blog post
  • Will get clarification on "open video" language issues from RMS.
  • Continuing on Wikipedia action item from Friday.


  • Continuing research on whether handset exclusivity is a good approach to take, and what the relationship to free software is.



  • New skin is up for private testing now. There are some bugs, which will be worked out by Thursday.

Windows 7

  • Will finish drafts of text for John to review by end of day today.
  • Scoped out potential site for launch action.


  • Will discuss plan and workflow for future GNU Generation posts with Max.
  • Coordinating interview scheduling.


  • Setting up CiviCRM test instance on local machine.
  • Refining list based on current DB system.
  • RT ticket assignments
  • Drafting announcement about Trisquel release, and Kongoni
  • Reviewing Network Service policy draft, adding questions
  • Follow-up with RMS on Kindle in school issues, and continue background drafting of article about Kindle and education