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Getting Started


The goal of this page is to help you collaborate to create a translation file that has been shaped and reviewed by more than one pair of eyes, to make sure it's top quality. This is standard practice for volunteer translations.

Check the list of languages below for yours. If it doesn't exist yet, create one by making a new link to it from this page, mimicking the syntax of the other links.

If you already have a translation file and there isn't one here yet, post it by uploading it with the wiki's upload feature in in the toolbox section of the sidebar menu, then linking to it from your language page. If you have created a translation file but already see another one there, it's up to you whether you'd like to upload yours and try to combine them or replace the existing one. If you haven't created a translation file yet and just want to help, review any existing translation files and offer your feedback.

Technical Specs

Please provide your translation in .srt format. The simplest starting point is to copy the English subtitle file ( and replace the English text with your translation, preserving the format. There is a good introduction of how to structure text for a .srt file on Wikipedia:

Working on the Translation

Use the discussion page for your language page to give feedback on the translation, and also for general discussion. If you think it will be well received, you can also download and edit an existing translation file, then reupload the new version. Just make sure to clearly communicate what you are doing in the discussion page for your language page.

Work towards the best translation possible, but please also be respectful of the work others have already done.

The FSF is available at to answer your questions, but please make sure you've read this page carefully before you ask. We are trying to keep our communication efficient so we can post as many high-quality translations as possible.

Using Other Collaboration Tools

We recognize that uploading to a wiki is not the state of the art in translation collaboration. If you'd prefer to use other tools like git you are welcome to do so, though we'd prefer they be free software. However, the final file must still be uploaded here as per the instructions, and two people must use their wiki signature to approve it. Also, if you are working on this translation using an external tool, please say so in a large text message at the top of your language page, so that others don't start a separate competing effort.

Finishing the Translation

Once the individual(s) working on the translation believe it is complete, post a link to it on your language page, with text that clearly identifies it as the final version. Have two people approve it by typing their wiki signature by typing four tildes (~) beneath the link. It's fine if the two people who signed off are those who worked on the translation, or if they are others who were simply reviewers. The point is to make sure that more than one person has looked at the final version and found no errors.

Once there is a final file with two signatures, send an email to with the subject line "Approved translation: LANGUAGE NAME". Include a link to the final version of the file on LibrePlanet.

Language Pages

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