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FSF membership card > iTunes gift card

Note: This page is not the guide; The guide is at This page is for giving recommendations of products we should consider for the guide. The items listed here should not be taken as FSF recommendations.

Each year the FSF publishes a giving guide with recommendations of products that respect your freedom. This group is a place for you to provide your ideas for the buying guide.

Thanks for helping your fellow FSF members make ethical choices this holiday season. Happy holidays!


  • Make a new category if necessary, but please check existing ones first
  • Provide links to detailed descriptions of the products when possible.
  • If it's not obvious, provide an explanation of why you chose the product(s) for the section you put it/them into.
  • For "greater than" pairs, the items should be relatively interchangeable as far as functionality is concerned.



  • Devices from h-node
  • A bootable flash drive with free software as an inexpensive gift
  • LulzBot AO-100 3D Printer (3D printer certified by the FSF) and possibly other freedom-respecting 3D printers
  • Computers with Trisquel preinstalled from
  • Replicant compatibles phones(beware, not all phones have the same freedoms, before buying, check with the replicant project)? (assuming someone is able to install replicant, since no companies sell devices with replicant preinstalled yet.)
  • Devices with free OSs preinstalled from
  • If you can't find a device with a free OS preinstalled, get one and install the OS yourself, then give it to your friend. This makes an even better present than something you paid for but didn't work on.
  • Arduino boards?
  • a dreamplug for beeing used as a freedombox?
  • OLinuXino > Raspberry Pi
  • Acoustic guitar from your local music shop > Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar for iBad from Apple Store
  • TV-Recorder: MythTV > TiVO - Does someone sell ready-to-use no-tinkering-required MythTV boxes?
  • E-bookreaders (with epaper): ? > Sony eReader
  • Tablet PC: ? > iPad
  • Portable gaming devices: ? > PlayStation Portable (PSP)
  • Gaming devices: ? > Wii
  • BookLiberator Beta BookLiberator is a device for scanning and digitizing books, using all free software. The Beta version is on sale now at the store.


  • homebrew vorbis players based on arduino and mp3-shield inside fritzing black box
  • FSF membership dues for a friend (include the LibrePlanet conference logo in this bc members get to attend LP gratis)
  • Donations to the FSF or free software development projects in friend's names
  • Gifts from the
  • Give your friend a homemade coupon promising to set up their computer with a free GNU/Linux distribution, help them learn to use it and help them maintain it.
  • Clothes from this . You'd have to mention that freewear donates some money to the FSF.
  • DRM-free ebooks, including books about free software
  • Real, paper books - for instance normal books, or books on free software, preferably under a free (software) license (depending on the kind of works such as documentation, views of an author etc.)
  • Recommending a hosting service that respects people's freedom to be in control of their machine
  • A trip to free software conferences such as FOSDEM?
  • Buy a product from or donate to, download the free software
  • gift card - help launch (platform for sustainable crowdfunding) and get gift cards (if you donate $25 or more) - the gift cards can be redeemed on and used to contribute to free/libre projects of the redeemer's choice. Other rewards here could also make gifts: sponsored commits, t-shirts, etc.


(Note: giving someone software might be more inconvenient for that person than if they just got it themself in their preferred way.)

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