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This page is for tracking anything related with the 2018 GNU Guix/Guile conference and hackathon on Friday Feb 2nd - the day before FOSDEM2018.

GNU Guix/Guile day

This event is organised by the European Guix Foundation as a FOSDEM 2018 fringe event


GNU Guix is growing rapidly and has gone from a software packaging system to a full tool stack aimed at reproducible software deployment and development. GNU Guix is a toolkit that allows developers to integrate reproducible software deployment into their applications—as opposed to leaving it up to the user. GNU Guix is based on the GNU Guile programming language which makes it a very versatile and hackable (in the good sense) environment.


Fri 2 February 2018, from 9:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs.


ICAB - The Institute of Cultural Affairs in Belgium
Rue Amedee Lynen 8
1210 Brussels, Belgium

Web page


The morning is for short talks (20 min. max). If you want to give a talk contact Manolis, Pjotr or Ludo (see below).

Current list of talks:

  • GNU Guix state of affairs - by Ludovic Cortès
  • GNU Guix in an HPC environment by Ricardo Wurmus
  • The future of Nix by Eelco Dolstra
  • A fully compile-from-source bootstrap of software distributions - by ??
  • Using GNU Guix for software development and distributing software by Pjotr Prins
  • The GNU Workflow language (GWL) by Roel Janssen
  • Panel discussion with above speakers on GNU Guix progress and 2018 priorities


  • Talk, discuss, hack and more talk, discuss, hack

Last minute discussions, live hacking and lightning talks/presentations (10 min. max) are welcomed too!

Code of conduct

Be aware that attendees implicitely abide by the code of conduct as stated by FOSDEM.

How to register?

Add your name here and/or send a message to Manolis <> or Pjotr <>.


  1. Pjotr Prins
  2. Manolis Ragkousis
  3. Alex Sassmannshausen
  4. Gábor Boskovits
  5. Christopher Baines
  6. Efraim Flashner
  7. Julien Lepiller
  8. Thomas Danckaert
  9. Ricardo Wurmus
  10. Roel Janssen
  11. Ludovic Courtès
  12. Mark Meyer
  13. Walid Shaari
  14. Amirouche Boubekki aka. amz3
  15. Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
  16. Chris Marusich
  17. Devan (dvn)
  18. Eelco Dolstra
  19. Jelle Licht (after 13.00)
  20. Michiel Hegemans (after 13.00)
  21. Mehmet Erdem
  22. Carlo Zancanaro
  23. Danny Milosavljevic (after 13.00)
  24. Andreas Enge
  25. Björn Höfling
  26. Alex ter Weele
  27. Nigel Tummers
  28. Jérémy Korwin
  29. Leo Famulari
  30. Tobias Platen
  31. Profpatsch
  32. Claes Wallin

(add your name above this line)


Attendance is free. We will ask a contribution for consumptions.


Please contact us if you would like to sponsor the event.