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A bit of history on how the name Guix System was finally picked for the distribution of GNU that uses GNU Guix as a package mananger and GNU Shepherd as an init-system, amongst other GNU maintained/developed technologies.

RMS has expressed concern about calling such a system "The GNU Operating System" and too possibly just "GNU Distro", really endorsing any distribution of GNU, over any other 3rd-party attempt to create and maintain a variant thereof. These are possible solutions, to this naming scheme.

The following were names suggested, listed in aproximate order from when they were mentioned:

  • Jinn - "Jinn is not Nix(OS)"
  • Guixotic - Combines Guix with the word exotic.
  • Guixotic/Guixote - In reference to the charecter Don Quixote, we are fighting the giants of proprietary software. Also Quixotic means "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical" which might be a nice little jab at ourselves.
  • Germ or Gemmate - A a collection of packages.
  • Gig - "Guix is Guix."
  • GNU Jitsu - A play on Ju Jitsu. "Jū" can be translated to mean "gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding." & "Jitsu" can be translated to mean "art" or "technique".
  • GNU Wave - A play on new wave, which is a paradigm shift in pop/rock music that occured up until the 70s to mid 80s, which was the timespan that was the lead up, to the start of the GNU Project.
  • GuixOS - Takes NixOS's naming scheme.
  • GNU DAWN - "Distro AWaitng A Name."
  • GNUDist or GNUD - A direct nod/reference to it being a GNU Distro, that happens to be a portmanteau arranged in such a way -- that it somewhat humorously happens to sound like "nudist" or "nude" respecitevly. Which kinda fits, showing how exposed we try to make all our source.
  • GNURO - Takes the ro, from distro and throws it on GNU. Kinda sounds like neuro and can can be tied too being brainy and/or the general "geek" motif guix has.
  • GNU Guix GNU, or GGG for its friends - A direct equivalence to "Debian GNU/Linux"; the GNU system as provided by GNU Guix, instead of the GNU/Linux system as provided by Debian
  • Wildebeest - Just another name for GNU.
  • GNUKE - "It's the Bomb!"
  • Geist - a reference to SICP and the "spirits" that live in the computer (ie: processes).
  • GNX (a little too close to the name of German freemailer GMX)
  • GNUx
  • GNU Software Distribution (or GNU System Distribution, or GSD), can also be used as a tag line ("A GNU System Distribution")
  • OneGSD - One GNU System Distribution, also the first GSD to describe itself as a GSD
  • GLEE - GuiLe Enchanced Environment. "Compute with GLEE!"