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This page is here to gather hopefully relevant pointers to currently worked on subjects.

If you find something stale, please edit or report to the dev ML.

If you want to participate, contribute or ask about some details, try on IRC or the dev ML.

The "wip-*" branches on savannah git may not be up to date and also may be rebased, be careful.

  • Diverse architecture support
    • PowerPC
      • ppc64le:
        • Looks upstream now
      • ppc:
        • git branch
        • tracking issue (DONE)
        • no binary tarball released
        • no substitutes, but things should build.
        • Work done on an iBook G4 with 1.5GB of RAM.
        • Emulated building through qemu-binfmt should also work.
        • Some packages, such as guile-3.0, can take more than 24 hours to build.
        • Investigation still TODO whether ppc64le is able to build ppc32 binaries without emulation or virtualization.
    • ARM
      • aarch64
        • pinebook-pro:
          • fresh Images - Current images are available on the release download page.
          • serial-console very useful (but beware of the wrong cable problem)
          • basic text console working
          • for network, you'll have to find an USB ethernet or wifi dongle supported by the linux-libre kernel
        • pine64: [1]
      • armhf: