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The FSF Hardware directory is being phased out in favor of The old directory was a useful resource, but having it maintained by a single person wasn't the most efficient process. The nice thing about h-node is that it is a community run effort, so you can join in and help. The old directory is not in an easy-to-parse format, and is missing some information that is necessary. If you would like to help with the migration, here is what you can do:

  • First, get an account on h-node
  • Next, find a device on the list below that has not been migrated over to h-node.
  • Check to make sure that the device isn't already listed at h-node. If it isn't, then make a new entry.
  • In order to make an entry on h-node, you'll need to get the vendorid and productid for the device. These pages can be a helpful resource for finding that information:
  • Once you have the info, complete the entry on h-node. If the device has information on which distro/kernel it was tested on, make sure that is included as well. If there is no such information, list Gnewsense as the distro used to test.
  • Make sure to update this wiki page to reflect that the device has now been migrated. If you are unable to migrate a particular device, update the page to state what you tried, and why you were not able to migrate the device.
  • Also note that the wiki page is now split in to three sections: Hardware to Be Move, Hardware That Has Been Moved and Hardware With Unknown Vendor Id's.Please keep this in mind when moving entries in this wiki page.

Hardware that needs moving to h-node

video cards

Note: This page is not an exhaustive list. Also, some video cards may work with free software, but without 3D acceleration. This information should be considered very tentative -- we are doing our best to update it.

ATI Cards

ATI Radeon

Hardware That Has Been Moved

All hardware below has been moved to h-node.


HPLIP The HPLIP project provides free software printer drivers for GNU/Linux machines. Here is a list of supported printers. Be careful using this list because a small percentage of these machines require proprietary firmware in addition to the free driver. Any printer with "yes" in the far right column requires a non-free "driver plug-in" and so could not be part of a fully-free system.

You might also find useful information at Note that they list many printers that require nonfree software to work as well (but are compatible with GNU/Linux systems using proprietary drivers), so be careful.

If you have information about printers that work or don't work with free software, please let us know!

We have received reports from some users of gNewSense that they have had success with some of the following printers. Please note, these have not been tested in the FSF offices.

Brother HL-5280DW

Epson R320 Series



Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP Deskjet D1460, HP Deskjet F4100, HP Deskjet F2280*, HP DeskJet D4260

Samsung SAMSUNG CLP-300 (via USB connection)

An * indicates a multi-function device where all parts of the device except one worked.

SD Card Readers

non free


Note: There is a driver scheduled for inclusion in the 2.6.17 Linux kernel release that will likely provide support. Used in:

  • Asus M6722
  • Asus M6N
  • Asus M6R
  • Asus S5N
  • Dell Inspiron 300m
  • IBM Thinkpad X40
  • IBM Thinkpad X30
  • Samsung Q20


  • 3com 3c905B 100BaseTX 3c59x
  • 3com 3c940 gigabit 3c59x
  • Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX b44 laptop ethernet
  • Broadcom Corporation BCM4401 100Base-T b44 laptop ethernet
  • D-Link DGE-528T r8169
  • D-Link DFE-690TXD 8139too
  • Intel Corporation 82557/8/9 [Ethernet Pro 100]
  • Intel Corporation 82567V PCI-Express
  • Intel Corporation EtherExpress PRO/100 S Server Adapter eepro100
  • Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8036 Fast Ethernet Controller sk98lin
  • Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8071 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 16)
  • National Semiconductor Corporation DP83815 (MacPhyter) Ethernet Controller natsemi <Netgear FA311 is a working subsystem, using the same driver>
  • Realtek Semiconductor Co. RT8139 8139too
  • Realtek RTL 8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC [correct name is: RTL8111/8186B ]
  • Realtek Semiconductor Co. RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet r8169
  • SiS SiS900 sis900
  • VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6102 [Rhine-II] rev 78 VIA Rhine PCI Fast Ethernet Driver
  • Via Technologies, Inc. VT86C100A [Rhine] (rev 06)
  • 3Com 3CR990 family typhoon
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5705 Gigabit Ethernet tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5752M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5782 Gigabit Ethernet tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5702X Gigabit Ethernet tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5703X Gigabit Ethernet tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5705M_2 Gigabit Ethernet tg3
  • Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM5906M Fast Ethernet PCI Express tg3


  • N1 Wireless Notebook Card
  • AR5418+AR5133
  • AR5416+AR5133
  • AR5416+AR2133
  • AR9280
  • AR9281
  • AR9160
  • AR242x
  • DWA-642 RangeBooster N Notebook Adapter
  • DWA-643 Xtreme N ExpressCard Notebook Adapter
  • DWA-645 RangeBooster N650 Notebook Adapter
  • -RTL-8169- (Netgear GA511)
  • IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter

Chipset: Atheros AR5001X+ Also known as “802.11a/b/g wireless card” or “11A/B/G Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter“ Also known as "Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)"

  • IBM Dual-Band 11a/b WiFi Wireless Mini PCI Adapter

Chipset: Atheros AR5001X Sometimes sold as 802.11a/b Philips Wireless Card


  • Huawei Huawei E220 56Kbps HSDPA USB


  • 046d:08b0 Logitech Quickcam 3000 Pro Logitech
  • 041e:4057 Creative Live! Cam Optia Creative Labs
  • 041e:4058 Creative Live! Cam Optia AF Creative Labs
  • 046d:08c1 Logitech Quickcam Fusion Logitech
  • 046d:08c2 Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP Logitech
  • 046d:08c3 Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks Logitech

Video Cards

ATI Cards

  • ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600]
  • ATI Technologies Inc RS690 [Radeon X1200 Series]

nVidia Cards

  • NVIDIA GeForce FX5500
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9100 works without 3D acceleration

Intel Cards

  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (Intel 915G and 910G)
  • Intel Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)
  • Integrated Graphics Controller 82945G/GZ
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel 945G)
  • Intel 865G
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3000 (Intel G965 Express Chipset)
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 (Intel Q963, G963)
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 (Intel Q45 Express Chipset)

VIA Cards

  • VT8378 [S3 UniChrome] Integrated Video (rev01)

Sound Cards

  • Cirrus Logic CS 4614/22/24 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator] snd-cs46x
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum emu10k2
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 512 emu10k1
  • Intel Intel Corp. 82801BA/BAM intel8x0
  • Intel Corporation 82801AA AC97 Audio97 Audio snd-intel8x0
  • Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM AC97 Audio Controller97 Audio Controller snd-intel8x0
  • Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC97 Audio Controller97 Audio Controller snd-intel8x0
  • Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC97 Audio Controller97 Audio Controller snd-intel8x0
  • Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC97 Audio Controller97 Audio Controller snd-intel8x0
  • Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller 915mobos snd-hda-intel
  • Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller 945mobos snd-hda-intel
  • Realtek Corporation ALC888VC snd-hda-intel
  • VIA VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 snd-via82xx
  • VIA Technologies Inc. Albatron PX865PE 7.1 snd-ice1724
  • VIA Technologies Inc. Albatron PX865PE 7.1 snd-ice1724
  • nVidia Corporation CK804 AC97 Audio Controller97 Audio Controller snd-intel8x0
  • nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2)
  • nVidia Corporation nForce2 AC97 Audio Controler (MCP) intel8x0
  • nVidia Corporation nForce3 Audio snd-intel8x0

Hardware With Unknown Vendor/Product Id's

Hardware devices listed in this section do not have vendor / product Ids listed in the provided Vendor Id list. If you currently use any of the following listed devices, please provide Vendor / Product Ids so we can post these devices to h-node.

When moving device names to this section, please list whether the device does or does not work with free software.

SD Card Readers


USB 2.0 Card Readers

  • AFT PROGear-G5 28-in-1


Huawei E160G 56Kbps HSDPA USB


  • Archtek SmartLink 5618PSV 56Kbps PCI Plug and Play Modem slmodem SmartLink/SL1801 PCI



  • 3com 3c509TP Etherlink III
  • 3com 3c574B Megahertz 3c574_cs PCMCIA 10/100Mbit
  • 3com 3c905x (Tornado/Vortex) 3c59x
  • 3Com 3CN3AC1556B 3c59x mini-PCI w/winmodem
  • 3Com 3C460B 10/100 Ethernet Adapter pegasus USB Ethernet Adapter
  • ADMtek USB To LAN Converter pegasus Level ONE USB to LAN Converter
  • Belkin F5D5050 USB 10/100 pegasus Ethernet USB 10/100 Ethernet
  • Broadcom Corporation BCM5751M 100Base-T laptop ethernet
  • Buffalo LUA2-TX pegasus USB-Ethernet adapter
  • Compaq Computer Corporation Compaq iPAQ Networking 10/100 Fast Ethernet USB Adapter pegasus USB 10/100 Fast Ethernet adapter
  • Compex RE100ATX/WOL 8139too
  • D-Link DUB E 100 rev B1 USB Ethernet Adapter
  • D-Link DSB-650 pegasus 10/100 USB Ethernet Adapter
  • D-Link DSB-H3ETX pegasus Hub with 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN port
  • Netgear FA101 pegasus USB Fast Ethernet Adapter
  • SiS SiS900 sis900 10/100 Ethernet Adapter (how is this any different from the plain SiS900?)
  • SMC SMC1244TX 8139too
  • Unex Tech MD010C 8139too


  • Ositech Jack of Hearts Ethernet/Modem PCMCIA smc91c92
  • Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10Mb Ethernet PCMCIA smc91c92
  • Psion Psion Gold Card NetGlobal 10/100 Fast Ethernet smc91c92
  • Motorola Motorola Mariner Ethernet/Modem smc91c92
  • SMC SMC 91Cxx PCMCIA Card smc91c92
  • Adaptec Adaptec Starfire network adapter starfire
  • 3Com 3C359 Velocity XL Token Ring Adapter Driver 3c359
  • SMC SMC TokenCard Elite (8115T) ISA and SMC TokenCard Elite/A (8115T/A) MCA adapters smctr
  • Myricom MyriCOM MyriNET SBUS card myri_sbus
  • Digi Intl RightSwitch SE-X EISA and PCI dgrs


  • DWA-542 RangeBooster N Desktop Adapter
  • DWA-547 RangeBooster N650 Desktop Adapter
  • DWA-652 XtremeN Notebook Adapter
  • DWA-552 XtremeN Desktop Adapter
  • WMP300Nv2
  • WPC100N
  • WMP110N
  • WL300NC
  • WNHDE111 Video Bridge
  • WN711, Wireless-N eXpresscard adapter
  • -Netgear WG111v3 USB- (Realtek 8187) <tested on: gNewSense 2.2 with linux-libre>
  • IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter II

Chipset: Atheros AR5004X Also known as the “802.11a/b/g Ambit Wireless Card” or “802.11a/b/g Bartlett Wireless Card”

  • Asus WL-107G PCMCIA card
  • Linksys WUSB54G USB 2.0 802.11g/b 54Mbps (11 Mbps with b)

Sound Cards


  • Creative Labs [SB Live! Value] EMU10k1X snd-emu10k1x (according to, this is 1102:0006, but there is already an entry on h-node with a different chipset listed.)
  • Hercules Fortissimo II snd_cs46xx
  • Realtek ACL650 AC'97 snd_via82xx
  • Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] Sound Controller snd-intel8x0
  • VIA Technologies Inc. AMP Ltd AUDIO2000 snd-ice1724

these may fall under 1102:0004

note: these cards use the same driver as 1102:004 (SB Audigy).

  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro* emu10k2 (Not found in Vendor ID List Provided)
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro* emu10k2
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Digital Entertainment emu10k2
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy ES emu10k2
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer emu10k2

Video Cards

Intel Cards

  • Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)
  • Intel 855GM
  • Intel 852GM
  • Intel i810
  • Intel i830
  • Intel i815

optical drives


Sony DRU 835-A

Hardware That Can Not Be Moved



  • D-Link DGE-530T skge card (multiple product ids with that name: 1186:4800, 4b01, 4c00, no mention of "skge")
  • Linksys EtherFast 10/100 USB Network Adaptor pegasus (is it 11ad:c115 ? that is made by Lite-On Communications.)

Sound Cards


Are these two USB devices, and can they be added to h-node?

  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy snd-usb-audio
  • HeadRoom Total BitHead snd_usb_audio


The cameras in this section can not be moved because they are integrated in a notebook, have a non-valid Vendor / Hardware ID or are third party cameras that are not technically peripherals.

  • 046d:08c6 Logitech Quickcam OEM Dell Notebook Logitech
  • 046d:08c7 Logitech Quickcam OEM Cisco VT Camera II Logitech
  • 046d:08c9 Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision Logitech
  • 046d:08ca Logitech Quickcam Fusion (2006 model) Logitech
  • 046d:08cb Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks (2006 model) Logitech
  • 046d:08cc Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP (2006 model) Logitech
  • 046d:08ce Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000 (2006 model) Logitech
  • 046d:0990 Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Logitech
  • 046d:0991 Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks (2007 model) Logitech
  • 046d:09b0 Acer OrbiCam (found in notebooks) Logitech
  • 046d:09c1 Logitech Quickcam Deluxe for Notebooks Logitech
  • 04cb:0172 Fujifilm FinePix E550 Fujifilm
  • 04da:2318 Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS11 Panasonic
  • 04da:231d Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS27EG Panasonic
  • 04f2:b012 Chicony 1.3M UVC Webcam (Asus G1S notebooks) Chicony Electronics
  • 04f2:b018 Chicony 2M UVC Webcam (Compal notebooks) Chicony Electronics
  • 05a9:2640 OmniVision OV2640 (Dell Inspiron 1420/1720 notebooks) OmniVision
  • 0ac8:c302 Vega USB 2.0 Camera (Samsung Q45 notebook) Vimicro
  • 0c45:62c0 Sonix USB 2.0 Camera (Acer Aspire 5050 and HP Pavillon DV6000 notebooks) Sonix Technology
  • 18cd:cafe Pico iMage Ecamm
  • 19ab:1000 Bodelin ProScope HR Bodelin
  • 5986:0100 Acer OrbiCam (found in notebooks) Unknown
  • 5986:0200 Acer OrbiCam (found in notebooks) Unknown
  • Nikon Coolpix p60 Nikon

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