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Sunday, 24 July 2016, 9:00pm EDT

Location: Mumble



Participants: Greg Knittl, Bob Jonkman, Sergio Durigan Junior, Stephen Paul Weber, Blaise Alleyne, Daniel Villarreal.
Audio recording: (73 MBytes, 1h30m)
Domain names
Software Freedom Day 2016

(Saturday, 17 September 2016)

  • Venue?
    • Raul Suarez may have a venue in Kitchener-Waterloo
    • Stephen Paul Weber can arrange Kwartzlab as a venue
  • Some concern about target audience:
    • Outreach for entry level presentations?
    • Technical presentations for hard-core GNU/Linux users?
    • Demonstrations fall in between, appeal to neither
    • Everyone has seen "What is Free Software" presentation, but needed for new people
    • Outreach needed for people who have no understanding of Free Software and Free Culture at all
      • People don't know that Freedom exists
      • This is our target audience!
      • People don't know that software can be made to do what they want, it's not like a microwave
    • Software comparisons may not be an effective way to promote Free Software
    • How to talk philosophy? More important, how to attract new people?
  • Our theme will be "How to convince people that Free Software exists, is legal, and is available to ordinary people"
  • To attract new people we can work on the streets, attracting passersby
    • Go to where people are, don't expect them to come to us
    • People who come to rooms are already the converted
    • Stephen Paul Weber does "Libre Streets" for Free Culture
    • Blaise Alleyne does campus outreach
  • Can have a room event as a follow up after street outreach
    • Answer questions like "How do you make money?", "Is it legal?"
  • University campus is more welcoming than a street corner for street activism
    • Follow-up venue can be at a nearby coffee shop
  • Need some brochures to remind street teamers of core points, also a take-along item for people
  • Three prong event:
  1. Prep the street team with talking points, &c.
  2. Go on the street to communicate the message of Software Freedom, and invite people to:
  3. Follow up event with a presentation, Q&A
  • Request an e-mail address for follow-up
    • E-mail is good for in-depth follow-up, people don't give up their e-mail address easily
    • Discussion mailing list, not a newsletter or announcement list
    • If there are few signups (10) then a personal follow may be better than a list
  • Needs followup, perhaps a Mumble meeting just for SFD
Tax software
  • Gregg Knittl has followed up with CRA
    • still asking questions
    • trying to find out what information CRA has for developers
  • Need: Defining and capturing tax calculation
    • Crowdsource them? Too much for Gregg Knittl to do himself
    • Gregg Knittl thinks CRA will not provide the tax calculations, will only verify a developed program
    • Forms like T1 are available, we may need to extract calculations from these
  • Wiki page has been updated:
  • Gregg Knittl is waiting to receive test cases from CRA
  • If tax software cannot be made with source code available then we may need to switch to political lobbying rather than writing softare
  • Bob Jonkman's accountant was not interested in getting Free Software tax software, already uses proprietary software
Other stuff
More SFD
  • Gregg Knittl suggests People might be interested in Privacy, Encryption
    • Other tools, eg. Raw Therapee
    • Bob Jonkman has done several presentations on security, privacy and encryption (at last year's SFD)
  • Blaise Alleyne suggests using the Wiki and mailing list to organize SFD, no Mumble meeting
  • Bob Jonkman and Daniel Villarreal discuss strategies for attracting people to SFD

Text channel

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[9:23 PM] Daniel: hi
[9:23 PM] Daniel: yes
[9:24 PM] Daniel: Daniel Villarreal here.
[9:24 PM] Daniel: howdy howdy
[9:38 PM] Daniel: event + message + enthusiasm = ?
[9:38 PM] sergiodj: guys, I guess I'll have to step out unfortunately. sorry about that.
[9:38 PM] Daniel: bye
[9:39 PM] balleyne: later
[9:39 PM] sergiodj: bob, just to make sure, what is the domain that the cname should be pointing to?
[9:39 PM] BobJonkman: Thanx Sergio! TTYL
[9:39 PM] BobJonkman:
[9:39 PM] sergiodj: thanks
[9:39 PM] sergiodj: alright, ttyl!
[9:39 PM] BobJonkman: so =>
[9:50 PM] Daniel: maybe IRC chat?
[9:53 PM] Daniel: I wouldn't bother asking for email addresses.
[9:53 PM] Daniel: You're asking for commitment.
[9:56 PM] singpolyma: give people the opportunity that fits them specifically best
[9:57 PM] Daniel: Nope.
[9:59 PM] Daniel: Were the tax people forthcoming and easy to communicate with ?
[9:59 PM] Daniel: lol
[10:00 PM] Daniel: maybe you can ask them for a flowchart?
[10:01 PM] Daniel: Can't hurt to ask?
[10:01 PM] Daniel: ok
[10:01 PM] Daniel: definitely
[10:02 PM] Daniel: I think there's a lot of interest, but it's a daunting task.
[10:02 PM] BobJonkman:
[10:02 PM] Daniel: Thanks for your efforts
[10:13 PM] singpolyma:
[10:17 PM] singpolyma: I expect most software gets >60% rewritten every year
[10:17 PM] singpolyma: s/software/tax software
[10:18 PM] BobJonkman:
[10:20 PM] Daniel: thanks all.
[10:20 PM] singpolyma: Fun fact unrelated to the discussion: my children's book got randomly featured on !
[10:24 PM] balleyne: we're pushing 10:30, I've gotta run very soon!
[10:26 PM] singpolyma: I like async for sure. so long as we actually do it ;)
[10:26 PM] singpolyma: sync forces us to act
[10:26 PM] singpolyma: For sure
[10:26 PM] singpolyma: agreed
[10:27 PM] Daniel: thanks. good night
[10:27 PM] Daniel: uh huh.