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Monday, 24 October 2016, 9:00pm EDT


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Participants: Bob Jonkman, Sergio Durigan Jr., Blaise Alleyne, and Greg Knittl
Audio Recording: (41.4 MBytes, 51m05s)

Text Channel

[8:54 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman: Agenda:
[8:57 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman: Getting a cuppa tea, BRB
[9:04 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman:
[9:13 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman:
[9:14 PM] (Channel) balleyne: hi, just getting my headset!
[9:15 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman:
[9:27 PM] (Channel) balleyne:
[9:48 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman:
[9:49 PM] (Channel) sergiodj: guys, I really have to go grab something to eat, sorry. shouldn't take long, I'll be back in a few minutes