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Thursday, 24 November 2016, 9:00pm EST


If there's something else you want to discuss, add it to the this agenda!

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Participants: Bob Jonkman, Greg Knittl, Stephen Paul Weber (singpolyma), and Logan Streondj (greenmonk) in the Text Channel
Audio Recording: (Size: 17.86MB - Duration: 20m22s)

Text Channel

[8:26 PM] Recording started
[8:26 PM] BobJonkman: I'm AFK at the start of the meeting, will be joining shortly
[8:58 PM] entered channel.
[9:06 PM] singpolyma entered channel.
[9:10 PM] singpolyma: also, I've done this:
[9:16 PM] singpolyma: sita sings the blues
[9:22 PM] BobJonkman:
[9:37 PM] greenmonk entered channel.
[9:37 PM] greenmonk: hi, my microphone not working
[9:37 PM] greenmonk: logan yep
[9:38 PM] greenmonk: I was just working on a thanksgiving piece for the bglug mailing list
[9:38 PM] greenmonk: then I remember the meeting
[9:38 PM] BobJonkman:
[9:38 PM] greenmonk: cool I'll check it out
[9:39 PM] greenmonk: is there a libreplanet ontario mailing list?
[9:39 PM] BobJonkman:
[9:39 PM] greenmonk: thanks, found it :-)
[9:40 PM] greenmonk: alright, well guess I'll continue working on the email.
[9:40 PM] greenmonk: oh yea, I remember I wanted to say to the guy about the surveys that they should be authentic.
[9:40 PM] greenmonk: I can reply to the list regarding that as well.
[9:41 PM] greenmonk: sounds cool :-)
[9:41 PM] greenmonk: lol
[9:41 PM] greenmonk: k, alright well have a good night
[9:42 PM] greenmonk: hope to see you at the next bglug
[9:42 PM] greenmonk: I call them b-glug also
[9:43 PM] greenmonk: I actually haven't been able to attend as much since have a new son he is a month old now.
[9:43 PM] greenmonk: and bed time is about the same time as the meeting.
[9:43 PM] greenmonk: oh yes, I remember now.
[9:43 PM] greenmonk: lol, yeah, well I have two, the other is three years old
[9:44 PM] greenmonk: yep. alright we'll I'll get back to composing my email on what I've discovered about f-droid and password and encryption, will forward to libreplanet and bglug mailing lists
[9:44 PM] greenmonk: have a good night!
[9:45 PM] greenmonk disconnected.