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Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 9:00pm EDT

Location: Mumble


If there's something else you want to discuss, add it to the this agenda!

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Participants: Bob Jonkman, Sergio Durigan Jr., Logan Streondj (greenmonk), Jean-Paul Sauvé, Greg Knittl, dzho, Blaise Alleyne
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_you text read\
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text _you language teaching\
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Text Channel

[6:34 PM] Welcome to Mumble.
[6:35 PM] Connecting to server
[6:35 PM] Connected.
[6:35 PM] Welcome message:
Welcome to this server running Murmur.
Enjoy your stay!
[8:59 PM] Recording started
[9:03 PM] BobJonkman: Hi Greg!
[9:03 PM] JP.Sauve: greg, we can hear you
[9:03 PM] BobJonkman: We can hear you
[9:03 PM] JP.Sauve: I can barely hear anything from greg
[9:04 PM] BobJonkman: Greg, can you hear us?
[9:05 PM] greenmonk: greg, it's your turn to introduce yourself.
[9:22 PM] BobJonkman: Agenda:
[9:25 PM] taxpayer bill of rights
[9:28 PM] dzho:
[9:29 PM] dzho: oliva reversed brazil tax software
[9:29 PM] dzho: just another data point
[9:29 PM] dzho: /me is in the US so hi!
[9:38 PM] BobJonkman:
[9:42 PM] BobJonkman: _you text read\
sa htet tyac\
text _you language teaching\
htet sa pyac
[9:50 PM] dzho:
[9:51 PM] BobJonkman: YouTube: Using Python to Code by Voice
[9:55 PM] balleyne:
[10:02 PM] balleyne:
[10:06 PM] greenmonk:
[10:07 PM] dzho: bye
[10:07 PM] Recording stopped